what to wear for yoga

What to wear for yoga is the question and these are those items that are necessary whether in yoga class at a studio or at home. Yoga attire comes first in the list, as the types of dress that we generally wear in our daily life may not be perfect for practicing yoga. The attire must be light, loose and comfortable enough to ensure that it breathes but should not be too loose so that it is difficult to move.

Another vital component of the yoga attire is the yoga pants, which should be loose, comfortable and durable. Emphasis must given on the fabric type and quality of the garment and appropriate yoga pants could be of pure cotton, velour or hemp or may be a perfect blend of cotton/spandex or cotton/Lycra, with a flattering design.

Yoga mats are the next most vital component of yoga equipment. The appropriate specification of the Yoga mat is that it should be within the weight range of 10 to 12 LBS and size 35x 72 approximately, which allows the student to carry it easily. The yoga mats also called sticky mats, are the natural fitness mats, covered with the cotton canvas and stuffed with a moderate lining and padding of unbleached, chemical-free pure cotton.

Yoga props are again another basic element of the yoga equipment, especially for beginners. Almost all traditions of this art teaches the students to make appropriate alignments while in position, which can be tough for the beginners and hence yoga props help the students to perform with more perfection and are generally provided by the club itself. These yoga props include the items like blankets, meditation cushions, meditation shawls and blocks.
After the thorough understanding of the yoga, it is expected that people who are planning to join the fascinating world of yoga would start to look at it more seriously. They should understand that simply twisting various parts of your body and making up your own positions is not yoga.
Other Yoga Equipment

Unless the student has the utmost level of discipline, attention and seriousness while practicing, all his effort becomes useless. He feels satisfied when he feels comfortable practicing yoga. Yoga equipment consists of those items that allow the student to perform his yoga and asanas comfortably and in the correct way. These are the entire set of things that are actually needed for yoga practice and may be categorized in to two groups basic or the essential yoga equipment and optional yoga equipment.

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There are certain other things that may turn to be essential at certain point of time such as notebooks, pens, towels, toiletries and insect repellant. The students should always be fully equipped with all the necessary as well as optional yoga equipment while enrolled in the class.

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