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Otomix fights back at Counterfeits Worldwide!

Otomix manufacturer of specialized shoes, apparel, and Martial Arts Gear is on the offense against counterfeits, copies and illegal use the Otomix Trademark. Just this week with the cooperation of US Customs and the Chinese government, six containers of Otomix Shoes were confiscated from two different locations at borders in China. One shipment was in route to Australia and the other was heading to the UAE. This is a big break in the fight against counterfeits. Otomix has hired an undisclosed security firm in China to monitor and police the factories manufacturing these counterfeits. Otomix founder Mitchell Bobrow claims the internet has become the breeding ground for these counterfeiters but it the also the best way to catch the criminals. Otomix will prosecute all parties involved. We have decided to take a play out of the Nike playbook. The shoe manufacturing industry is in the process of uniting to stop these violations. A group is expected to be in place before Jan. 1 2016.

Otomix forms new VIP program for loyal customers

Otomix Manufacturer of apparel, martial arts gear and shoes has put a new VIP signup department on their  website

Sign up make a purchase within 7 days and become a VIP.

VIP’s will get special pricing, event info and new product updates.

American Gladiators: Mike O’Hearn as the Hulk

The June 9th episode of American Gladiators will be a ‘Hulk’ themed episode with guest star Lou Ferrigno from the original “Incredible Hulk” tv series who will share hosting duties with Hulk Hogan. The Hulk themed episode is an effort on the part of NBC to cross promote for NBC Universal whose Universal Pictures are producing the new ‘Incredible Hulk’ film with Marvel Studios. The episode will feature a hulked out Gladiator Arena and an exclusive 60-second preview from the upcoming movie “The Incredible Hulk”. The new movie which stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt opens four days later on June 13th.


For the Hulk themed episode the shows set which is housed in the L.A. Sports Arena will be redone with various Hulk features including the pool being green, green lighting, green graphics and green balls for Powerball. Audience members were given 1,000 pairs of Hulk hands to wear throughout the episode and some will wear Hulk masks. Also Gladiators competing in the Gauntlet will use Hulk Hands to stop the oncoming contenders.