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Otomix “The Classic” Bodybuilding Shoe

Las Vegas, NV  Otomix maker of Martial Arts Gear, Bodybuilding Shoes and Apparel.

The Original Classic Bodybuilding Shoe MF104 made in 1990 will be back in stock this Summer. These retro lifting shoes launched the company into the bodybuilding business in the early 90s. Otomix spokesperson 4 times Mr Olympia Jay Cutler met with owner/founder Mitchell Bobrow and shared his story about these were the first shoes he ever wore during his training to become a Champion.

Style MX104 in black or white will be available in sizes 7 to 15 for men.

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Otomix Stingray now available in 9 colors!

Otomix creates bodybuilding shoes that feature awesome performance and incredible good looks! Fashion Gym Sneakers. Our thin flat trademarked sewn on soles enable athletes to move easily, feel the surface beneath their feet, assist with balance and facilitate correct positioning during lifts. You will benefit from secure eyelets and our amazing number of color combinations and styles. Otomix shoes offer plenty of attractive and functional choices.

OTOMIX brings its heritage of mat sports experience in Martial Arts to the world of Wrestling, MMA, Bodybuilding and Grappling with the introduction of the MMA Stingray Escape shoe. These ultra-light shoes provide superior support and stability with an unlimited range of motion. The Otomix MMA Stingray Escape is feather light with ultimate traction, which we all need for competition. Ideal for all grappling sports, Jujitsu, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, Lifting and Mixed Martial Arts.

Registered No. 5,009,764 in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office®



9 great color now in stock!

Otomix Beats all time sales record in Q1

Otomix Manufacturer of Sports gear and specialty shoes since 1989, continues to smash sales records with another 20% increases in Q1. Mitchel Bobrow CEO Founder attributes the success this quarter to the increase in the aging population participating in various gym activities.  The gyms have done a great job of promoting various programs such as boot camps, CrossFit and body transformations. This trend brings us an older customer between 40-70 years old with greater buying power.

Going forward Otomix will increase the size of the Las Vegas distribution warehouse and retool the Los Angeles manufacturing facility to keep up with demand.



Otomix 2018 Workout Shoe Collection.

Bodybuilding Kit Great Gift for the Holidays!


Otomix sneak peeks new shoes!

Otomix Manufacture of bodybuilding, fitness and Martial Arts shoes since for 2016 is the Pro TKO trainer a cross between a boxing shoe and a bodybuilding shoe. This hybrid lets you feel the floor for balance and power yet has the best in ankle support for those heavy leg days.

New Otomix Stingray Bodybuilding Shoe now Available in Grey!

Otomix the premier manufacturer of Bodybuilding Shoes introduces the Stingray Bodybuilding Shoe in Grey. Now available at and Amazon Prime.  Sizes 6-11 for female and 6-14 for men

Otomix Bodybuilding Shoe

Otomix Bodybuilding Shoe

New Otomix Stingray Shoe in Yellow!

Otomix begins delivering the long awaited Stingray Escape Fight Shoe in two new colors yellow and cobalt blue. Designed by champions for elite fighters. This specialized shoe is the favorite of all Mixed Martial Artists. The Stngray is now available iin colors black, camo, yellow, red or white. The yellow color will be a Limited Edition so place your orders early. Founder of Otomix Mitchell Bobrow a Taekwondo Hall of Famer claims that the Stingray Escape is the best performing shoe for all mat combative sports. Go to or call 800-597-5425 to place you order for April delivery.

Otomix forms new VIP program for loyal customers

Otomix Manufacturer of apparel, martial arts gear and shoes has put a new VIP signup department on their  website

Sign up make a purchase within 7 days and become a VIP.

VIP’s will get special pricing, event info and new product updates.

Otomix Rolls out multiple Costco Fitness Roadshows

Otomix manufacturer of athleticwear and footwear has rolled out multiple Roadshows in Costco stores. This will be an ongoing project in 2009 with over 150 roadshows  scheduled.  January is time to get back to the gym so visit to find a Costco Roadshow near you.

Otomix New Workout Wear Now Online!

Los Angeles, CA The new line of Otomix Workout Wear is now online.  Shop now before the November  Otomix catalog release. Just go to today.  See our new selection of fall thermal tees.