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Otomix Purple Stingray Coming Soon!

Back by popular demand. Otomix will be reintroducing the favorite Purple Stingray Bodybuilding MMA shoe. The limited run will be available in late summer 2019. Now taking preorders at

Stingray Otomix Purple bodybuilding shoe.jpg

Otomix Beats all time sales record in Q1

Otomix Manufacturer of Sports gear and specialty shoes since 1989, continues to smash sales records with another 20% increases in Q1. Mitchel Bobrow CEO Founder attributes the success this quarter to the increase in the aging population participating in various gym activities.  The gyms have done a great job of promoting various programs such as boot camps, CrossFit and body transformations. This trend brings us an older customer between 40-70 years old with greater buying power.

Going forward Otomix will increase the size of the Las Vegas distribution warehouse and retool the Los Angeles manufacturing facility to keep up with demand.



Otomix 2018 Workout Shoe Collection.

Taekwondo Grand Master Jhoon Rhee Dies at 86

Master Jack Bobrow, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Master Mitchell Bobrow

Master Jack Bobrow, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Master Mitchell Bobrow Inaugural Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, the man known as the “Father of American Taekwondo,” died Monday morning after a long illness.

Jhoon Rhee was a 10th-degree black belt credited with popularizing taekwondo in the United States, after emigrating from Korea in the 1950s. He opened his first taekwondo school in Washington, D.C., in 1962. Produced the National Karate Championship which was one of the most prestigious titles in Martial Arts since 1964. By the 1980s, Rhee had 11 schools in the Washington area. Rhee was the keynote speaker at the first Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame ceremony which was held in 2007.

Chun Rhee said funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized. He said information about a memorial service will be posted later this week.

Young Master Jhoon Rhee top photo 3rd from left.


Otomix sneak peeks new shoes!

Otomix Manufacture of bodybuilding, fitness and Martial Arts shoes since for 2016 is the Pro TKO trainer a cross between a boxing shoe and a bodybuilding shoe. This hybrid lets you feel the floor for balance and power yet has the best in ankle support for those heavy leg days.

Otomix to manufacture complete line of Martial Arts Gear

Otomix manufacturer of athletic apparel, shoes and martial arts gear. Will release a complete new line of Martial Arts Supplies featuring uniforms, targets, gloves, protective gear and weapons. The first products will be featured in our next catalog and delivered in early 2013. Pricing will be highly competitive.