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Otomix Holiday Catalog will be released October 1st

Go to and sign up to get the new otomix catalog for holiday.

Otomix has a complete collection of yoga, martial arts gear and workout wear.

Otomix Costco Roadshow in Scottsdale, AZ

Otomix Roadshow will be in Scottsdale, AZ Costco for the next two weeks. Otomix will be selling there complete new fall collection. See you there!

Otomix workout wear at Miami Lakes, FL Costco

Otomix manufacturer of active apparel, athletic shoes and Martial Arts gear will be at Miami Lakes,FL Costco on October 3-13. The Otomix Roadshow will feature a large selection of activewear for women. The new line includes tank tops, leggings, tee shirts, lycra pants and thermals. So if you want to look your best at the gym visit Costco. For more info call 800-597-5425 or go to

Marina Del Rey Otomix Activewear Roadshow at Costco

The OTOMIX team will be selling their HOT line of summer workout fashion at the Costco in Marina Del Rey. This will be the largest Otomix Roadshow ever. Visit Costco between July 5 to July 13 at this Costco in Culver City.
For further infomation or to pre-shop our incredible selection of active wear, workout wear and yoga apparel check out Get a free catalog sent to your home and check out the incredible savings when you come into Costco.

08 workout wear trends

Current Trends

Once a very male-dominated market, brands like Nike (makes sense, considering Nike is the name of a Greek goddess) have come out with women’s lines of clothing and shoes. Besides, do you really think guys care about trends in athletic clothing? Didn’t think so….. but check out what OTOMIX is doing!

Yoga Clothing
Yoga clothing – as easy to wear as pajamas – is now worn as streetwear as often as it’s worn for actual yoga class! All pieces are clean-cut and simple, usually in earthy, neutral colors.

The best finds include drawstring yoga pants and capris, either very slim-cut or very loose. Pair them with a tee and flip flops for a cute, yet comfortable look. Top-wise, easy-cut tee shirts and fitted wrap sweaters and cardigans are the way to go.

The definite must have, easy-to-wear trend this fall is the tracksuit, which generally consists of loose, low-waisted pants and a matching hoody in either velour or terry cloth.

The best thing about this look is its versatility. You can wear the sweatshirt with jeans or a little skirt and the pants with a funky tee.

You could zip the jacket up, or leave it undone exposing a camisole. Keep your eyes open for original, fun colors and don’t be afraid to mix-and-match shades as long as you tie them together with a tee or accessory.

Sneakers were once outdated and tacky for non-gym wear, but now they’ve reached chic and sophisticated heights. These days, techno and retro are key words when choosing trainers.

A pair of cute sneakers is required for any fashion-conscience girl – a great change from boots and heels! Just remember that under no circumstances should you have to sacrifice style for comfort.