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Otomix Stingray Escape looking for Olympian

Otomix manufacturer of athletic apparel, shoes and martial arts gear. Announced today it will revive their endorsement program. Otomix has used celebrities and athletes in the past to promote their line of products.  President Mitchell Bobrow a Taekwondo Hall of Famer says the time is right again to get back in the endorsement business. The successful launch of the MMM Shoe Stingray Escape has given the company the boost it needed in the slow summer quarter to justify this decision. Our brand is global so we will be researching athletes from around the world. Agents and managers can contact Otomix at 747 Glascow ave, Inglewood, Ca 90301

Olympics internet sales spike thanks to Michael Phelps!

Otomix Manufacturer of activewear, Shoes & Martial Arts Gear. Reports a 22% increase in internet sales since the start of the Olympic games. Founder Mitchell Bobrow believes the Olympics signals a trent for people to get back to the gym early this fall. Otomix specializes in stylish gym wear, yoga attire and specialized shoes. For more info go to or call 800-597-5425

Olympic Taekwondo Watch It Live! August 19-20th, 2008

Various Korean forms of martial arts have existed but in the early 20th century, Taekwondo became a combination of those forms. In 1955 a group of Korean martial arts leaders chose Taekwondo as the definitive Korean martial art in an attempt to promote its development worldwide.

In 1973, the Korean government recognized the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) as the legitimate governing body of sport Taekwondo, and the first World Championships were held in that year. Taekwondo became a demonstration sport in the 1992 Olympics and a Medal sport in 2000.

Jack Bobrow, Jhoon Rhee, Mitchell Bobrow Early USA Taekwondo Pioneers.

Jack Bobrow, Jhoon Rhee, Mitchell Bobrow Early USA Taekwondo Pioneers.