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New Otomix Ninja Warrior Shoe coming for the Holidays!

Otomix M?F3333Otomix, the Bodybuilding, Fitness and Martial Arts company brings the all new Ninja Warrior Shoe to you for the 2015 Holidays. The Warrior is the follow up to the Otomix Stingray Escape! Details coming soon. The Warrior  shoe will be available  at the Arnold Fitness Expo Booth 610 March 3-6, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio

Otomix Holiday Catalog will be released October 1st

Go to and sign up to get the new otomix catalog for holiday.

Otomix has a complete collection of yoga, martial arts gear and workout wear.

Ultimate workout shoe now available from Otomix!


Henderson, NV  Ultimate Trainer has been designed specifically for weight training and incorporates the new High Performance Bodybuilding system. The HPB system provides a combination of comfort and support utilizing a special wrap around strap adjusted by our innovative lacing system. This shoe is a must for the serious bodybuilder or powerlifter. Visit Otomix online today.

Otomix Stingray Escape looking for Olympian

Otomix manufacturer of athletic apparel, shoes and martial arts gear. Announced today it will revive their endorsement program. Otomix has used celebrities and athletes in the past to promote their line of products.  President Mitchell Bobrow a Taekwondo Hall of Famer says the time is right again to get back in the endorsement business. The successful launch of the MMM Shoe Stingray Escape has given the company the boost it needed in the slow summer quarter to justify this decision. Our brand is global so we will be researching athletes from around the world. Agents and managers can contact Otomix at 747 Glascow ave, Inglewood, Ca 90301

Powerlifting Shoes by Otomix do the job!


Otomix Ultimate Trainer

Otomix Ultimate Trainer

Dan Swift a powerlifter from Pekin, Illinois wears the Otomix Ultimate Trainer when he competes. As a bench presser sometimes the platform is slippery. Dan has been using Otomix shoes since 2004 and his bench press has is up from 429-501lbs. Keep up the good work Dan. Otomix is a specialized shoe manufacturer for bodybuliders, power lifters and Martial Artists.  For more info go to

New Improved Shoes for Weightlifting and Bodybuilding

Otomix Power Trainer M4000

Otomix Power Trainer M4000

Los Angeles, CA The new improved Power Trainer by Otomix is now in stock. The most popular shoe for weight training has been retooled by Otomix for better fit and stability. This is the most sought after shoe by bodybuilders worldwide. Now available in white with black trim this is a must have for any serious workout addict. For info go to or call 800-597-5425 to order.

Athletic wear ads and news

Under Armour Inc.’s ad in last month’s Super Bowl ended with a phrase, “We are Under Armour. The future is ours.” The phrase was widely considered to be aimed at Nike.

Nike’s response? A 60-second ad for competing cross-trainer shoes with the opening line, “My better is better than your better.”

With that, the latest sneaker war reaches the battlefield. Nike this week flexed its better-financed marketing muscle by launching perhaps its broadest multimedia campaign ever, focused on a new line of shoes in an otherwise dying cross-training category.

Click to enlargepadExtreme Sports Tank Show off your work while at the gym!

T-back tank, form fitting with Otomix Extreme Sports Logo on the front. Large arm holes for free movement while working out.

Extreme Sports Tank 200ESpad$18.00, 2/$35.00padColor: blackwhiteheather grey Size:
Nike’s ad blitz features a Web site offering interactive advice from certified trainers; a 60-second spot airing on TV’s most popular show, “American Idol”; and, for the first time, professional lacrosse players. Its new line — which Nike now calls “performance trainers” — looks starkly different from its predecessors or competitors’ midtop designs.

The moves, analysts say, are aimed at countering Under Armour’s entry into shoes and deflecting the Baltimore company’s influence among teenage sporting goods consumers.

“This was definitely an all-out attempt to stop Under Armour in its tracks,” said John Horan, publisher of trade newsletter Sporting Goods Intelligence. “They want to make sure they don’t get surprised on this category.”

Under Armour made a name for itself offering athletes a tight-fitting, synthetic T-shirt that wicked away moisture. The so-called compression apparel quickly became a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year, one that 13-year-old Under Armour still leads.

More recently, Under Armour entered the relatively small cleated-shoe market, grabbing a surprising one-fifth of the football shoe market and one-tenth of baseball shoes, each in less than a year.

This year, Under Armour is trying on noncleated cross-trainers, a category that makes up 6 percent of the nation’s $20 billion athletic footwear market, according to NPD Group Inc., a market research firm. Cross-trainers generated $1.2 billion in sales last year, slipping behind sales of skateboarding shoes ($1.5 billion) for the first time, NPD Group figures show.

Nike, based in Oregon, already commands half the cross-trainer market, according to Matt Powell, an industry analyst with SportScanInfo, and essentially created the category in the 1980s with its memorable “Bo Knows” TV ads featuring multisport star Bo Jackson. But the industry is closely eyeing Under Armour’s foray, analysts say.

Shoes for lifting

Change is Good

Even the perfect athletic shoe will wear out over time. I have seen quite a few injuries due to old or worn out shoes. Just like any other equipment, you should monitor your shoes, and replace them when they wear out. If you are a runner, monitor your mileage, and replace them as appropriate.

How do you know when to buy new shoes? Well, holes, or pieces falling off are generally good indicators…But if it is not that obvious, look for all of the qualities that you used to choose the athletic shoe in the first place. Is the heel box still sturdy? Is the upper as rigid as it needs to be to control your foot? Is the arch still in good shape, or have you worn down one side of the sole? Answer these questions, and inspect your shoes often to keep them protecting your feet.

padpadVersa Pro Trainer Fully improved version of our best cross trainer!

New balanced foot bed to create better control, comfort and support. This mid-top has a sleek yet futuristic design that will fit you like a glove. Provides top quality performance during your most rigorous workouts. Built for weight training and low impact workouts.

Otomix Shoe Style #M/F6666

We suggest that you order a half size larger on this shoe.

“Limited sizes left. Hurry and order while they


Good athletic shoes do not have to be flashy, or expensive to serve their intended purpose. There are lots of shoes out there that will fit both your needs and your budget. Look for all of the right qualities to fit your foot, and you are sure to make a wise decision. And when in doubt? Discuss shoe wear with other athletes, and the sales person at the shoe store. Chances are they have some good insight.

Style Is Not Everything

Just about every day, someone asks me about their shoes. Questions vary from sport to sport, but the fact remains that the majority of people choose athletic shoes based on brand names and styles, rather than what is best for their own feet.

I know that it can be hard to pass up those awesome looking shoes that match your uniform perfectly, but in the long run, the most important thing is that the athletic shoe serves its function…to support and protect your feet. So, lets take a closer look at what makes a good athletic shoe.